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e have the absolute best on the market. Our products are of the highest quality and held to the highest standards. Period.

Established during the 1980’s Cape Fear Cable Company, LLC [CFCC] has been manufacturing OEM cables for wholesalers & retailers. From porotype to finished branded product we offer every level of metallurgy:  UP-OCC Silver, Pure Silver Clad OFC Copper through UP-OCC Copper. Call us and discuss your sale price point and margin!



ShilohDog Records

Establish in 1966, ShilohDog Records began selling rare and collectible LPs at weekend open-air markets and festivals. Some of you may remember our parking lot booth at the Grateful Dead concerts. Of course there is the distinct possibility that you remember very little from those events: “If you remember the 60’s you weren’t really there.” (Grace Slick – Jefferson Airplane)
At ShilohDog Records, special orders are our specialty. Let's get the conversation started, give us a call!